News: Title and release date for third book in Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

10/17/12 ETA: Release date for Entwined with You is now set for May 7, 2013. 😦

01/31/13 ETA again: Release date for Entwined with You now June 4, 2013.  See this post for cover reveal and blurb.

Could the third and final book in the Crossfire Series already have a title and release date?

Barnes & Noble’s website is offering a pre-order for Entwined with You: A Crossfire Novel by Sylvia Day and published by Penguin Group (USA).  The release date is listed as December 31, 2012.  No cover image is provided. is still offering a pre-order for Crossfire Book 3 with a January 3, 2013 release.  No news on Sylvia Day’s website or Facebook, nor from the publisher confirming the title and publication date.

Previous Crossfire books include Bared to You and it’s sequel Reflected in You, due to be released October 2, 2012.  The trilogy tells the emotional and sensual tale of Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell as they learn about love, trust and acceptance.

ETA: Title and Release date confirmed on Sylvia Day’s website!  WOOT!  Entwined with You to be released December 31, 2012.  Gideon Cross will definitely be my New Year’s Eve date (hope my husband doesn’t mind)!

26 thoughts on “News: Title and release date for third book in Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

    • I completely agree. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the release date ends up getting pushed back. With all the demands on an author in promoting a new book, I don’t know when Ms. Day will find the time to write/edit Entwined with You.

  1. I read the first book Crossfire series by Sylvia Day and i loved it. Now i cant wait for book two and book three. i absoluty enjoyed book one

  2. Agree with Sunny. Loved books one and two. I read book two over the weekend. Can’t believe book three’s not out until May 2013.

  3. I wish all three books would’ve been out at the same tome there such great books that I couldn’t wait till all 3 were out to read but sucks having to wait for every book

  4. Loved Reflected in You! I read it in one day!! Was so disappointed that the third book is not coming out until May 2013, when it was suppose to come out Dec. 31st. I hope Sylvia continues with a fourth book to the series like she mentioned.

  5. Continue doing what your doing, im sure i spk for most out there! im completely addicted to the books. After reading Bared to you in three days, I then had to wait for reflected in you which i read in a total of six hours! Having to wait for the 3rd book will kill me! Im totally obsessed and the books posses me! The books are a brilliant read so much better than Fifty Shades! I’ll have to go for round 2 and re-read them! To read that Entwinned with you release date is May 2013 is a wounder! Sylvia is you do read these comments seriously consider bringing the release date forward! Us women cant wait that long! Well done with such gripping possessing reads!!

  6. Do I have to wait that long for Entwined with you??? I cant !!!! Need Sylvia to get 3rd Novel out asap pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Gutted ive got to wait for the 3rd book i really hope its out before the new year i cant wait to read it. I loved the 1st and 2nd book.

  8. When I first pre-ordered the 3rd book it said beginning of December, now maybe May? I couldnt wait to read the 2nd book took me only a matter of hours, I really hope that the 3rd book comes out much sooner!!!

  9. i cant wait that long. i suppose the longer we wait the better it could be. it may not be as good if rushed. i hope it comes out asap. there is also the historical novels by sylvia day that you may also enjoy x

  10. Books 1 and 2 were great books, I absolutely loved them! It is such a pity that I have to wait sooooo long to read the 3rd book in the series!

  11. i luv the crossfire series.. I read book 2 in 24 hours. i couldnt put it down.. now i am bummed that book 3 will not be out til may!:(

  12. I have the same sentiments as everyone above. I have read and reread both books 3 times please bring out book three before May.

  13. Oh my giddy god.. Just finished reading entwined with you and like the last 2 its was amazing… Im addicted and obsessed by the crossfire series… This cannot be the last book it just cannot end like that… There’s so much left unknown… Poor aul Mr cross still has to face his demons and his mother has to sort herself out… As for Eva janie mack she has to plan her wedding…. Ahh silvia please don’t torture me by ending it like that…. Please reasure me and say there’s a number 4…. Please

  14. I can’t believe no one but me is upset that this is more then a trilogy, not to mention there is no mention of a release date for the fourth, which I would hope would have the ending. Because there is no end at this point! I have just spent days rereading 1 & 2 so I was fresh for the end then to find out that it didn’t end and no mention of the next date. I don’t find this a enjoyment. Is there anyone with me?

    • Renee I’m def with you!!! I need the 4th book immediately!! I’m going crazy and I just finished it 10 minutes ago!!! The readers want more Sylvia!!!!

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