News: Sylvia Day offers Crossfire Series ‘teaser’

Entwined with You, release date May 7, 2012As a special treat for New Year’s, author Sylvia Day posted a ‘teaser’ from her highly acclaimed Crossfire Series  The third installment, Entwined with You, is set for release in May 2013.  This new excerpt is exclusive to Sylvia’s website.

The unexpected thing about this ‘teaser’ – it’s from Gideon’s point of view!  The first two books, Bared to You and Reflected in You, were exclusively from Eva’s POV.  Coupled with the placeholder cover on the publisher’s website that bears tagline: “Gideon’s story is finally here”, does this mean we’ll be reading more of Gideon’s POV in Entwined with You?    I certainly hope so!  Hearing the story from Gideon’s side would be a powerful (and delicious) experience.

Enjoy Sylvia Day’s Special New Year’s Teaser!

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