Author Sylvia Day’s latest Captivated by You teaser treat

Captivated by You Treat #4

DAYUM!  I don’t know which is hotter, the photo or the image the words create.

Sylvia Day is the biggest tease.  Still no word on an exact release date for Captivated by You.  Latest news I’ve heard (via author’s comment on Facebook) is “sometime in 2014.”  See? Told you she was a tease.  Sylvia has mentioned that she will be featuring readers’ favorite Gideon quotes over the next few months … sounds like gearing up for release announcement (please let that be the case!).

Here’s one thing I do know about Captivated by You: it will focus on Gideon’s past and healing.

The first 2 ½ books were Eva’s story. By the midpoint of Entwined with You, Eva has confronted the reality of Gideon’s sacrifice, her skeletons are out of the closet, and she’s faced some hard truths about her parents. Now it’s Gideon’s turn. He really needed Eva to be strong in order for him to get his life together. The last 2 ½ books are Gideon’s story.

One more teaser:

CBY teaser

I say enough “teasing” and just let readers know when the darn book is being released!  Tease me all you want – as long as I know there’s an end in sight.

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